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life.turns. 2.1 - Need to get badders fit

Well is was not happy with yesterdays life.turns. as I did not really have a plan. Mind you I did not have a plan for disco pants either. Anyway I have now decided to do this properly and so need a plan, which I now have.

So todays life.turns. is dedicated to the fastest racket sport in the world. I dont get to play much these days but used to play quite a lot. My lovely wife got me into it, she really is the best, especially given the she let me yet again take over the living room for an evening of bag man trying to stand up.

I have to say that tonight I realised something, not sure if it is just position 5 but as soon as he puts a bag on his head, bag man losses all sense of balance. It also didn't help that he got the legs all wrong in the first batches of shooting.

Have to say my next camera will have one of those repetative timers as pressing buttons and then having 10 seconds to get position, bag on and balance is a nightmare, is getting me fit mind.

Anyway hopefully this is a bit different fits well in the overall plan.

Remember you can't beat a bit of badders!

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