The Sun Shone Sardonically

First day back to work today.

A work in progress in fact. Shiny new building, shiny new toys, shiny happy people. Distracting views through the acres of glass keeping us in.

Lots to learn; how to switch lights on: and off. How to operate the naturally ventilated air system (open window: close window). Presentations punctuated by construction chappie one shouting up three floors to ask if construction worker two knew where his fucking mash hammer was.

Neat looking cycle lockers though, going to nab one of them. They'll make for a great hidey-hole when it all gets too much. Or, I could cycle to work and use it for that maybe.

Should have spent an enjoyable evening festival blipping with a few other blippers but instead have sat the past hour getting wound up with all the shameful nonsense going on in cities up and down the length of England.

Dark days indeed.

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