Not Long Now

Seems a very long time since we've had students in the place. Actually, it is a long time, but we had the first batch arrive on the Hogwart's Express this morning for a bit of induction and interrogation from the sorting hat.

They all seem like a nice bunch but, stuck in front of us lot then bombarded with bits of paper, do this's and don't do thats, then taken off on a whirlwind tour around the dusty corridors of the ex factory they don't get much of a chance to lose that rabbit caught in headlights look. That never lasts long though and by the time they've filled the first pages of their sketchbooks in here on Monday and experienced the delights of a black-pudding and tattie scone doubler they'll be giving as good as they get.

Kind of looking forward to it strangely enough. Maybe should put an appointment on.

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