On the dyke

Vacuumsystem of unit EC20.
Not many people here at the plant still know what this has been, because it isn't in use anymore for several years now.
The domes are connected with the coolingwatersystemoutlet and vacuumpumps used to maintain a vacuum in the system.
In this way the water siphoned over the dike, thus using less pumping energy. After a few years it was noticed this part of the system was not so neccessary anymore because the vacuumpumps on the condenser could do the job..
In the background: the vacuumbuilding of units EC3-7; there the vacuumsystem is still in use.

Here in LARGE....

And: a sunny day!

On the dyke: this look at unit EC20.

And: some disturbance at the busbars of the gasturbine of the unit; just had to put a solenoid that had fallen down back on it's place again.

Here's a look at the main circuitbreaker of that gasturbine. Notice the special "Jan de Vries reset patent". (the tiny rope with lever).
Before this invention of a famous operator we always had to climb up a ladder and reset.

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