The Flower

The Flower in the Pot

Hey, the flower in the pot,
your root is in the pot,
your life is in the pot,
either it is cold or hot,
no matter in the palace or in a hut,
get rid of the pot,
expand ur root,
explore the life,
see the jungle,
see your friends and other flowers,
they are out there,
here you live with strangers,
they put you near the fan,
so that you do not feel that you are away from your homeland,
you belong to the mountain,
no need the artificial cold,
fake wind,
break this mold,
you belong to the mountain,
there you will expand your root,
oh the flower in the pot...

(Esmaeil Esbati)

Welcome in Magdeburg
I didn't take any picture whole day due to load of work and thesis. In evening, I and Kamran went to our friend Anna's place to welcome her in magdeburg. She is in Magdeburg again for her thesis. After our short stay in her room, we both have to run again for work. I have just taken this picture in her room and putting this before running again to Max Planck.

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