The second half of life..

By twigs

Peel Me an Autumn Grape Leaf....

It's that time of the year when the grapes of the New Zealand summer are harvested to begin their journey to becoming delicious NZ wine.

A good few years ago I decided to put a couple of grape vines in my garden with the vague idea that I could maybe produce a few bottles of home brewed nectar.

I went along to a wine making night class so I could learn something of the art.........but sadly, that's as far as I ever got! You see - the guy who ran the course always went through the making process for us to see how he'd produced this bottle or that bottle then, just to reinforce our learning, he always brought a few bottles from his previous year's brew for us to sample...... Enough said! I don't remember an awful lot about how to make wine - but I do remember it being one of the best night classes to be enrolled in!!

Two of my favourite songs came to mind as I dowloaded this pic to add to my journal: "Autumn Leaves" by the late Eva Cassidy and "Peel Me Grape" by Diana Krall

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