Finding Pears

A visit to a tourist attraction was a nice break this afternoon. We are promoting our cards and taking the opportunity to take more shots in the process

Over a relaxing tea and biscuits in the courtyard we were excited to see another Malinois approaching. The other owner couldn't believe his eyes! "Two in the County and both here!" he said. "We know of another one." we said. It was so amazing to see another dog so like Ash in every movement, only a little different in the colour of the coat. Both being males the pair weren't at all interested in each other enabling us to chat.

It was also nice to wander round the orchard, I was surprised at the quantity of fruit considering the poor summer we have had.

NB: I found a quote and put it in yesterday's comments about the turning off of IS when using a tripod. Has anyone any thoughts about it?

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