Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Special Lace

This is special, exquisite, valuable lace. It is made by a couple of middle-aged gentlemen, with yellowing teeth, who sit up, late into the night, nibbling out the patterns in the treasured cloth. Each cloth is unique, and each hole is painstakingly and carefully nibbled exactly to the specifications of the two gentlemen.

OK, it's probably not that valuable, but I think it's rather cute - "lacemaking" is one of the things Charlie and Moses get up to when they're not paddling in the bath or sleeping in their tent! This old teatowel just had one small hole when it became rat bedding - now it's one of a pair that are looking increasingly nibbled with each passing week!

Today I finished the downstairs hoover and sort and discovered that we do still have a dining table underneath all the junk that had accumulated. Maybe the most interesting find was a pair of the Wonderspouse's underpants - clean, fortunately - but there was also a broken plate, a load of bits from my birthday cake (my birthday is in July), and a crunchy bar left over from when Scharwenka & I went to Fairford (also in July).

I've also been feeding the washing machine all day. We can nearly see the floor again. I can't help getting the feeling that when I'm doing housework I'm bunking off, as I'm so used to "work" being "something at a desk that involves equations" these days! The house really does look quite spectacularly different though - the advantage of it getting really messy is that tidying makes a massive difference.

I'm slowly nibbling away at my jobs list! I wonder whether Charlie and Moses will nibble this towel away completely or I'll finish my jobs list first?

My money's on them!

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