Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Storm Warning!

What a day we picked to come to our cabin in the Gulf Islands.! The plan was for H to stay on this ferry to the next island (Saltspring) and pick up our boat which was there for a small service problem, and drive home. I would get a ride from our good friend here (Islandcat's groom). Well, that plan was not going to happen in this wind. This was taken from my seat on the ferry - raindrops on the window inside the outer deck walking area. (The freighter didn't run into us!) P did pick us both up to take us to our little island-what a great friend -the conditions were nasty! (We owe you one, P!) We are happy to be here with a cozy fire in the soapstone stove. Did take a walk when the rain let up. Something(/one?) had rearranged many of the stones in my labyrinth -odd. We also brought some of the faeries from the faerie circle in out of the rain.

I think Fall is here -or as I heard on the cbc radio, "shortsleeve walking weather" is a thing of the past.

Now H is trying to see if we can get any signal on our tv with the new digital antenna. (I'll report....)

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