It's a baldy bald life!

By DrK

A long ride

Today was another epic on the bike....Cambridge to Nottingham! This shows my Garmin at the end of the ride! Devastated as I forgot to restart it after lunch, otherwise it would have shown over 200km. Luckily, when I got to the Manchester side, the train to Broadbottom was now a bus replacement service so I managed a further 21km!!!!

My ride started off in a rainy Cambridge and it didn't go off for a few hours! Eek a dirty bike. My ride from Cambridge to Huntingdon was far smoother than the one in the opposite direction on Friday, especially as I didn't get lost. I then headed off to Peterborough as I knew it would be quite a bit flatter than heading back to Leicester..... then it was off to Melton Mowbray and a quick hop across to Nottingham.

I enjoyed my trip. As is usual for me, I'm most happy on my bike with techno on my ipod. The EG Dan Curtain podcast was a total motivation.

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