It's a baldy bald life!

By DrK


Wow! I'm sitting in North Tea having the most brilliant coffee, an Ethiopian Jirmiwachu natural from Square Mile. Dave has done a wonderful job using the pour over method. It's so a strawberry sweetie, sort of artificial but in a good way. Bursting with taste. If you are used to drinking coffee in one of the chains i.e. Starbucks, Costa etc....then the surprise of this taste would just blow you away. Even if you're used to a few spoons of sugar, you'd be happy drinking this with none.

It's been an OK day at work, just two big meetings. I popped to the track as the British Champs are on all week. There's bound to be more blips from there. I'll be going track centre at the weekend with the camera so there should be some cool shots!

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