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Bus stop

Part 1: Daido Moriyama

Part 2: Jeff Wall, Mimic
In my more contemplative moments this is the photo I come back to time and time again. If you you've never seen it before, take a moment now to check it out and read the photo's back story. There may be spoilers ahead...

I loved this photo the minute I saw it. What a moment to capture on camera, I thought. I was then initially disappointed to read a few weeks later that it wasn't what I had originally thought it was. But rather than moving on to other more real "street" photos, Jeff Wall's Mimic became even more intriguing because I knew everything was there for a specific reason. Every detail and aspect was considered, selected, and positioned so precisely that I just kept wondering what was Wall's motive behind this and why did he include that? This ultimately led me to wonder whether this really could be classed as a street photo because it wasn't candid, which is the keystone in the definition of street photography. If I go out tomorrow and take a photo that is a carbon copy of Mimic, but mine is candid, does that mean my version is more legitimate as a street photograph? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Jeff Wall's work is amazing because it makes you look at the whole frame from side to side and front to back. Everything is there for a reason and everything contributes to the photo. Spend a few minutes looking at his work and you will see what I mean. Of course, when we are walking around town we can't pick and choose all the elements of our photos like Jeff Wall does, but this totality is something that I try to include in my shots to try to create not just a focus for the composition but also a front to back depth of supporting elements that all build to create a great street photo.

Part 3: Shinichiro Kobayashi

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