Red Eye

Who's watching who? How close can you get? Thanks to a good zoom I didn't need to get to close, I hold a good respect of Black Swans after being chased by one. Can you see this eye becoming cross and evil? They bend their long necks down and stick their beaks out and the eyes change to a pieceing angry look and then its charge and boy, they can move when they want to!

A busy day that got away on me, warm and sunny, groceries with Mum and a visit to our Pied Shags. I didn't blip them as I'm a little puzzled - there only appears to be two nestlings left. Has one already fledged? I went back late yesterday, there were two adults and two nestlings. When one adult left and I was walking away I took another photo from a different angle and was surprised when I got home.

Do birds lie on their backs with their beaks pointing to the sky sunbathing???

Hubby laughed when I asked this - or has the third nestling died??? I will go back tomorrow and see whats happening.

Will keep you posted!!

Thursday already, this is a backblip - I'd better fly and get some house jobs done. I'll be back later today - see you then :)

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