Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

More Education!

So, October dawned, unseasonably warm and sunny, and it was another day for wearing shorts and enjoying the beautiful weather!

No lazing around outside for me though - today was the last maths tutorial of my Open University course for this year, so we had an alarm clock (albeit with a lie in, so we weren't awoken until 7) and I took all the English books and folders out of my bag and replaced them with Maths books and folders and set off for another day of studying!

This was my destination - yet another educational institution in Oxford (the place is teeming with them). This is Oxford Brookes University (formerly Oxford Polytechnic) and the OU use it for tutorials on Saturdays. It's a rather nice place to go and the coffee shop was open so I treated myself to a latte on the way to class!

Then we spent from 10 until 3 going through past exam questions, with just a half-hour break for lunch. During lunch I sat outside in the sunshine, which really revived me and felt absolutely wonderful - I'm DEFINITELY solar powered! This weather is perfect for me - I'd be happy if it was like this all the time and I could live in shorts and t-shirt for ever!

After the tutorial was finished I called in at Tesco to get a few things we'd forgotten in the shopping, then came home. I had hoped to catch up on blips and get a few things done in the evening, but in the end I was too tired so just watched the telly and then fell asleep!

Tired me. Tired brain!!!

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