The spider and the fly

Definitely a change in the atmosphere today, both physically and otherwise.

I saw another big large spider web today, with a very big spider on patrol. Minutes later I passed again and looked to see it hauling an insect which looked rather like a wasp or possibly a hover fly. It headed for this dark sheltered corner and I headed for the camera. By the time I was ready to shoot through double-glazed glass, it had already spun the beginnings of a cocoon around the prey, which I watched and tried to film. This was one of the only shots that might do as an emergency blip today. You can just see the thread supporting the top of its web.

Off to the cinema to see 'Tinker, Tailor,'. I have loved Le Carre's work since reading the Spy who came in from the cold soon after it came out. I expect top enjoy this version, although I thought only Alec Guinness could be Smiley, till now.


only lozarithm spotted the title reference yesterday, though more may know this. Sorry, it just seemed the obvious thing.

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