Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Afternoon in the Park

Another stunner of a day today, so I finished up work and headed out to Kittatinny Park for a walk along the trails. We haven't reached anything near peak foliage yet, and there is still lots of green. So, it caught me eye when I saw this splash of color over the water.

I would have to say that landscapes are one of my "areas needing improvement" when it comes to photos, and I almost didn't blip this - but then I thought ... why not? The Park, by the way is over 3,600 acres with 4 lakes and lots of forest. There are lots of hiking/biking trails winding through the woods and meadows and many times I can walk for an hour and never see anyone else. Today, probably because of the weather I came across a few more folks out enjoying the day.

Raccoon update...I left one feeder on the deck last night after liberally sprinking my "Critter Ridder" pepper concoction around the access points. This morning, no signs of tampering! It is entirely possible, of course, that the raccoon is planning his next move and all of my peppering will be for naught.

Happy Friday Blippers!

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