On the Issue of Height...

I came into money on account of my height on two occasions in as many days.

The most recent occasion was that I spotted a golden nugget (British £1 coin) on top of the parking ticket machine this afternoon that most people wouldn't have noticed. Yesterday, I was walking from a meeting through a vacated part of my work's building and spotted a bluey (British £5 note) on top of a cabinet that the person I was walking with couldn't possibly see because she is slightly vertically challenged.

On both occasions, the money was most definitely left and forgotten about but I did question in my mind the monetary limits on where you make effort to find owners for found money. I figured that in the context, if I had noticed I'd left money in these situations, I would just, and have in the past, put it down to bad luck and learned lessons.

I guess I could put the gained six green backs towards a new swimming cossie for Bethany that I seem to have misplaced today resulting in a fruitless journey to Cowdenbeath today.

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