Off Centre

By RachelCarter

Rain on a Rose

Emblems of Britain...

*cue lovely Vaughan Williams music*

Rain, country gardens, roses, the royal family, red buses, The NHS...

*scratching record noise as needle is stopped*

It's a sad day if you're a fan of the NHS and its history and everything it used(?) to stand for. Whether things change as drastically as the government want them to or not, the fact is we have a government that are prepared to tear down a system that has been the envy of the world for many years, with dedicated hard-working staff and a good track record of providing a system for all, whoever we are. It has been something to be very very proud of for decades despite some problems (mostly with funding) that could have attended to without a huge fuss.

Sometimes I despair of opinions that I clash with, I can't see how people can possibly see the world the way they do but I pick myself back up again and carry on. Mostly I try to reassure myself that a vast array of opinions about lots of things is healthy.
But sometimes I think that some opinions and attitudes are damaging and I also think apathy is damaging. There comes a time when you have to stick your neck out and say, 'No, no, no, no, no no! This is wrong. Really really wrong.'

Please don't let 12 Oct 2011 be the day the NHS died. Please.

PS Look at the photo large if you can. The water droplets are lovely.

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