The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Crime Scene (again!)

Not much of a picture I know, but it's been an afternoon of high drama!

Lunchtime time today our attention was suddenly caught by a flash of movement out the lab window, followed by a loud bang!

A woodpigeon had flown straight into the window. Seconds later the reason why became obvious when a sparrowhawk landed on the outside light.

The impact must have killed the woodpigeon as the bird was dead on the path below.

The sparrowhawk was a bit shaken up too, but managed to fly off unscathed. We hoped it would come back for the pigeon, but a local cat snaffled it first.

It's the second sparrowhawk attack I have witnessed this week. We had one in the garden on Tuesday.

Who needs to go on safari when you have this drama on your doorstep!

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