not so bad

Yesterday's afternoon meant that today's first-full-day-back at work wasn't as nasty as it could have been after almost four weeks off. It's very odd to look at stuff and be convinced that it must be one of the changes made by a colleague only to remember writing it a little bit later. I expect it'll all come back soon enough though I was definitely rather too immersed in it in the run-up to the holiday. At least there are now more people involved. There are also certain vital aspects of the routine of the working day with which I must re-familiarise myself such as remembering to take a muffin out of the freezer (though I did remember my coffee and apples) and to trap the laces of my work-shoes in my locker to prevent the strange shoe-moving person from moving them.

Four weeks isn't that long in terms of the thirteen and an half years I've lived here but it was definitely slightly odd walking around on the way home, even though I often go for more than a month without going down a particular street. It very much resembled the way memories are said to be tied together; by walking down one road you remember and recall the roads to which it connects and so don't need to walk down every road to be refamiliarised with them but just need to go down a few to which the others connect. It helps that everything is almost exactly the same as it was though I was expecting there to have been more advancement on key building projects such as Crichton Street Car Park, Quartermile and the various tram-related road-blockages. I should know that a month is an extremely short time as far as construction projects are concerned.

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