HUB Side Shot...

What better way to make the rest of the afternoon swing by than to spend lunchtime trying to string Mr Wingpig up on a horizontal plane along with his bike.

This was originally a challenge set by Just Sitting, but I must give full kudos to Wingpig for his enthusiastic and athletic taking up of this. He gave it a lot more thought than myself, coming fully prepared with all sorts of velcro for securing his bike from potential flaylage. I just brought a couple of lengths of rope which we didn't use in the end.

I tip my hat Wingpig, thanks for the great lunchtime laugh.


Notes on the mini-project...
If you enter the words tagged perspectiveproject you will see the pictures I've added to this project thus far. If anyone would like to join in, take a picture in the same vein, make sure your subject is in their pose in the middle of the thumbnail and add the tag 'perspectiveproject'. Bonus points are awarded for getting your subject to look at someone else in the blipsearch results. I'm also looking for willing volunteers to do similar poses and am willing, weather permitting to do the same.

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