By Viewpoint

I went to collect the paper

... and ended up walking through Wortley Hall grounds. I'm still involved with the Geography & Global Dimension project which began last year. This year our residential is at Wortley Hall (though I'm not actually sleeping as I only live 2 miles away). I thought that it would be an opportune moment to have a good look round the grounds. Even though I live so close there are parts of the grounds I don't know too well. I spent a bit of time photographing this sculpture and fountains in the front garden. A little tricky because of the badly weathered surface, especially in front of all the texture of the trees (I didn't choose those images in the end.) I had quite a good walk, returning into the village via the Carriage Drive (which would have been the main route into the Hall in the past.

An afternoon spent chopping more off the Pyracantha hedge (planted by our neighbours - not us.) And this evening I've been a bit caught up measuring the size of framed prints and organising which ones might go into a pre Christmas exhibition in Sheffield. So not much time left to sort through all of the images I took on my walk. Also not much time to comment tonight.

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