Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Bright In Parts.

Today had an early start. At 8am The Mother and I set off to attend a funeral in West Cumbria. There was thick fog, rain, shafts of sunlight and rainbows! Quite unusual as we drove along.

The lady who died had been ill for a long while but amazed everyone by her cheerfulness throughout. She was a lot younger than my mum but they had a close friendship and I had been pleased to be able to take mum over to visit her earlier this year.

It was the first Roman Catholic funeral I had attended, I wasn't expecting a Mass (we couldn't take the Sacraments) nor the wafting of lovely smelling incense over the coffin (we were near the front). Pie Jesu (a favourite of mine) was playing as we entered and we sang How Great Thou Art (another favourite ever since Cliff sang it at a concert in Carlisle many years ago)

The Funeral Tea lasted most of the afternoon. So many people were keen to chat to mum. It took her a while to recognise some of them but they were from such a close Ecumenical group years ago that they patiently reminisced to remind her. It was such a happy gathering.

Mum had a lovely day.

Her friend's family had such great support.

Her friend was remembered with a lot of love and respect.

It rained all the way home.

Bassenthwaite looked cold.

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