My Aim is True


My favourite view

More driving today - but was delighted when I realised that to get from appointment 1 to appointment 2 I had to drive across the Braid Hills Road. I love driving that route as it's such a great view. In fact, today, it was so beautiful that I stopped the car and took a couple of photos. I don't know what has happened to the fencing here, probably disintegrated, I can rember it being really rusty and dilapidated years ago when I used to walk this way as a child.

The hill is Arthur's Seat (I spoke to an American collegue the other day who'd been to Edinburgh once, he said he was so envious that we have a "mountain" in the city). And the copper topped building on the left is the Royal Observatory.

All meetings went well today, and I worked late, but I got lots done. And the first appointment tomorrow cancelled, so I don't need to leave home until 10.30 tomorrow. So the Barossa Valley shiraz is going down very well.

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