Still Alive

By rinkkasatiainen

My key learnings from #less2011

The slide reminds me of words heard on my wedding. Lying somewhere along the lines: "Rather than to look in to the eyes of the loved ones, to look into same direction,"

For some reason that thought came in to my mind. By the way, the last keynote was very inspirational. It struck me. Let's change the world - this ain't a small thing, it's a religion.

It competes now, regarding to how big of an impact an event has on me, with two other events that have shaped me to what I am now. Namely
* reading Kent Beck book about TDD
* attending to a 'day with Linda Rising'.

Where do I sign my name? I'm all for it.

But (and this time I mean the word) the main learning for me is: sometimes 'who the *** cares' is not a viable thing to say - there might be someone who does. What I really mean is 'I couldn't care less.'

I try to behave next time.

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