Wet Weather Cycle Cherry Popping...

I think my wet weather cycling cherry has been well and truly popped this morning. The rain looked to be pretty light on the windscreen of the dr-ycle into Ingliston but when we got to the road it turns out to be the type of not too heavy but consistent rain that gave us a right good soaking.

Inspite of my non-waterproof trousers, I faired not too bad with my helmet visor thingy allowing me to shield my face from the rain whilst nestling my neck into the very waterproof jacket Mr WorkSpend helped me out with. Aussie work boots took care of any feet soaking by keeping our weather well and truly at bay.

I felt sorry for Instography who without any headgear was taking the full force of the weather. I kept trying to at least get my safety goggles for him but the lights kept changing way too quickly and he ruddy pulls away from them at a rate of knots.

One thing that I never really did appreciate before today was all the extra noise that wet weather cycling incurs. The sound of the various vehicles including ourselves throwing water up off the road got a bit deafening at times.

Ironically, it turned out to be a really nice day leading to a pleasant ride home.

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