Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Sunlit mystery object

At certain times of the day if the sun is shining I'm forced to interrupt things if I'm working. The reason is that really glarey sunlight finds its way through the gaps where the cords run through the venetian blinds. I can't cope if I get hit in the eye, get easily annoyed when I have to shift my head to avoid the glare, and usually just down tools and wait for the sun to stop playing with the blinds.

That happened this afternoon. I'd been working all day on proof sheets for a re-design of the quarterly magazine and was making good progress. Then the sun found its way through the blinds and I had to interrupt the flow. Mind you, the sun was doing quite nice things to some of the objects on the (dusty) windowsill, and I didn't have a blip in the bag, and I definitely wasn't going to get out with the camera ... so I grabbed a quick shot and now, three days later, I've done a bit of tweaking with it and here it is.

I got the fruits of yesterday's to the client first thing this morning and worked on more mockups right through the day. It's coming together well.

p.s. As to the 'mystery object' aspect of the blip, it's actually something which I've used before. If anyone can be bothered finding that previous blip among the 1600-odd, an equally mysterious prize will be awarded.

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