Entering the market

After yesterday's visit to the church fête, it's strange that today's blip turns out to be closely related. I left Carl's place after the Hollyoaks omnibus and stopped off at Blackrock on the way home for a few blip moments. The tide was out, so there wasn't much of interest around the old swimming baths apart from some colourful graffitti. That's when I remembered that there's a market in Blackrock at weekends, so I went to check it out. I'm a bit of a sucker for shots looking through a dark opening to a brightly-lit scene behind, and the wall of books here took my fancy as well. First shot around the market, but I think I knew then and there it'd end up being today's blip. There was some other stuff of interest, including a pipe-smoking gnome what rather surprisingly turned out to be bird feeders, and this list of rules of the house, but they've ended up as rejects compared with this one.

The rest of the day has been quiet enough -- apart, that is, from the Canadian Grand Prix coverage of which began at 5.00 pm. It looked as if Lewis Hamilton would press home the advantage of having qualified in pole position, and then suddenly it all changed when he ran into the back of Raikkonen's car -- in the pit lane. It was great to see Robert Kubica win the race, and the result has added further interest to the races for driver and constructor championships. It's so much better to have things closely fought like this than to have any one driver or team run away with things early in the season.

Now it's time for a bite to eat and then maybe a few hours' work.

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