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By stevenbirrell

Call of Duty: MW3

Tonight, millions of people around the world will be sitting in front of their TVs and monitors playing the new Call of Duty Game, Modern Warfare 3. Many of them will be playing online against each other or in teams and the online stuff is great fun as no games are ever the same. My wife enjoys watching me play - badly - as I get picked off by players from around the world, who take great delight in telling me how bad I am in a range of different and sometimes colourful languages.

Tonight however, I won't be among them as my copy of the game is currently sitting in a sorting office somewhere waiting to be delivered. Pre-orders usually arrive on day of release but not today, which is a wee bit frustrating as the shops had tons of copies tonight.

A few more days waiting is no bad thing, it ensures that I actually do something with my evenings for one and I took Roo swimming tonight after work which was a nice change. Also means I have more chance of getting a decent night's kip as I am in Manchester tomorrow first thing and back at night, and then back down to London on Thursday and back later that night. Don't expect much sense out of me come Friday! By then, hopefully my game will have arrived.

ps, when the game does arrive, if anyone wants a game online with xbox live, I am BiRRell30 (well, I was thirty once upon a time - really should know better by know - promise to grow up one day!).

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