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Lord of the Dance Setee

Tonight I went to see the writer and comedian Richard Herring in Fareham. Back in the 90s when Wife and I were still to meet, we would, in our seperate lives watch Richard Herring and Stewart Lee on the telly box. I remember early on in our relationship when she and a uni friend of hers were discussing the Lord of the Dance Settee and it brought memories of sitting in a static caravan in Weymouth watching "This morning with Richard not Judy" on a wee portable telly box.

Well fairly recently we have discovered his wonderful podcasts on the internet and have been listening to them a lot. A couple of weeks ago I noticed he was coming to my not so beautiful birth town of Fareham. Realising the restraint of the little ones we saw that only one of us could go and that one of us could not be Wife mainly due to Baby and travel issues. This was a shame as she really would have loved to have gone.

It was a bit of a mad rush to get home from work, help with the little ones and get out the door in time for the show but I just about managed it. It also helped that Mr Merring got caught in traffic, as mentioned in his twitter feed, meaning it started a little late.

On arrival as one of the ticket office staff handed me my ticket she confirmed he was running a bit late. She looked confused at the full house and then whispered to me, "I have not even heard of him before", I responded with "As well as being an internet sensation he used to be on the telly box back in the 90's." She then got quite exited and asked "Oh what shows was he on, and when". I said "In the 90s, Fist of Fun and This Morning with Richard not Judy." She continued to look wonderfully confused as she tore my ticket. For a second it felt like I was in one of his podcasts, and I half expected him to jump out and tell her he just wants to be on the telly again. I noticed latter she sat right on the front row.

As much as Wife would have enjoyed it I have to say I fittted the audience demographic a little better than she would have. The demographic highlighted by the five approaching middle aged men on the front row. It was a wonderful show full of laughs and emotion, thoughly enjoyable. If he comes to a strange little town near you, do go and see him.

Ironically the show was titled "What Is Love, Anyway?" Well maybe love is letting your other half go along to somewhere you to would really want to go to but can not, and not being at all resentful about it at as said other half then sets off of an evening, leaving you to get Baby and Toddler to bed on your own. Thats my love anyway and I am very lucky. Thanks Wife, your turn next!

After the show, and after chatting to all the other nutters Richard Herring was also good enough to let me take his photo, I am getting better at asking strangers to take their photo but found it harder to ask a respected performer as I felt he must get fed up with people taking from them like that. I need not have worried as he was very obliging.....and then I got off the bus.

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