Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

The Jacket

This is part of last Friday's shopping spree. It's a rather nice jacket which only found its way home after much deliberation and shop-to-shop comparison. I almost got something very different, mainly because this looks very like another jacket I got a few years ago which was one of the best bargains I've ever got.

The two really do look quite alike, though the standard of finish on the new one is far better than the other. It would want to be, since this one cost almost ten times as much as the earlier one. I sure hope the subtleties register with people who've seen the old jacket and know the story of its bargain-basement price.

It's turning into a bit of a nothing day, which is why I blipped the jacket early. I'm due out in Ashbourne this evening to spend time with my dear friends Derek and Rita - that should bring some spice into the day.

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