Another lunch with Carl, this time in Weirs in Dún Laoghaire, and again to do with car documentation. I stopped off at Blackrock on the way to see what the sea was up to. The string winds and heavy rain and high tides that have been threatened for the past few days arrived with a vengeance during the night and continued into daylight hours. It was certainly dramatic around Blackrock Baths, with a menacing sky adding to the effect of the wind and the rain and the waves. It was all I could do to stay upright on my perch on the pedestrian bridge across the railway line. All in all, a real demonstration of the power of nature.

If you're in to that sort of thing, Weirs is definitely the place to go for a traditional pub buffet lunch. The servings are enormous, though, and my Hot Joint Sandwich had a full field of crops on the side with an enormous chunk each of corned beef and roast turkey. Add a bowl of soup to that and it's no wonder that my plate was far from cleared.

A bigger splash

We were chatting about this and that, I was sitting facing the window, and what did I see across the road? There at the sheltered doorway of a closed-down café, busily engaged in pointing his camera at a nicotine-obsessed gentleman, was a blipper I've been hoping for a long time to bump into. It was really good to meet you in the flesh, r_e. It's shame we didn't have time for a longer chat, but an even greater shame that it never even entered my head to record the moment and blip the blipper. Ah well, next time ...

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