Met Carl for lunch in the Purty Kitchen in Dún Laoghaire. I was early getting there, deliberately so as to have some time for a blip wander. Actually, I'd stopped on the way as well, at Blackrock Park. This rather strange (and not totally convincing) public sculpture has been on its pedestal for years, but this is the first time I've actually stopped to take a close look at it. The original was no great shakes, so I've indulged in a bit of post-processing.

Lunch was good (though perhaps a bit expensive for what I had (Carl's soup-and-sandwich deal was much, much better value). We had a couple of things to sort out in connection with cars, so it was almost 3.00 by the time I got back home. I got stuck in straight away sorting out the databases for the music group website. One was reasonably plain sailing, and the import of the backed-up material went without a hitch. The other (a Wordpress weblog) was another story altogether. I'd thought originally that I'd have to contact the new hosting provider's technical support, but ended up sorting things out for myself through a combination of perseverance and pig-headedness. It took until 8.30 to get it up and running again, though with a few rough edges still lingering on. I came back to those after watching Transporter 2, an undemanding romp which was just what the doctor ordered to help unwind after that extended bit of concentrated work. Naturally, I couldn't leave the niggling little glitches to fester overnight, so I stuck at it until it all appears to be going smoothly (and if a similar glitch rears its head again, I now know exactly how to deal with it).

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