Perhaps it was excitement about the forthcoming holiday. Whatever the reason, I spent quite a restless night, downstairs several times messing around on the internet, listening to music, drinking coffee. When a further period of wakefulness saw me downstairs at 6.30 am I decided to shove some stuff into the washing machine to add to the holiday stock for sorting later today. The forecast of a fine day, and the clear sky outside provided the spur behind this decision.

Naturally, Murphy's Law came into effect and I actually slept soundly afterwards, at least until after 9.00 am. This almost became today's blip after I'd hung out the washing (I really do seem to be stuck on stripes!), but I'd also spotted some interesting little touches of nature peeping over the neighbour's wall in the bright morning sunlight, including a bush with lots of berries like this on it. A toss-up gave the nod to the berry as the blip.

It's 2.00 pm now, the washing is far from dry, and I still have lots of things to see to on my holiday check-list. Time to knuckle down ...

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