Today I was both hosting the music group session and responsible for choosing the music for the final half hour ('Doing a Double', as we call it). I'm doing a web site for one of the guys in the group, and was anxious for him to view progress before I go away for next week's trip to the South of France. That meant an even greater rush than usual to get the place ready, as well as which I had to twist the pharmacist's arm to fill my tablets prescription to cover me while away, and also needed to do a quick bit of last-minute shopping in town. That last bit turned out to be fortuitous for blip purposes, since I happened to pass a door (to a nightclub, I think) with this eye-catching push-plate on it.

The web site went down okay with the client when he arrived before the rest of the gang, subject to some tweaking when I get back. Then the influx began, and the crowd ended up on the big side, which kept me busy with tea and coffee and biscuits. My 30-minute presentation went down well (actually earned a rare round of applause!) -- music by Martinu and Villa-Lobos to mark the 50th Anniversary of the death of both.

A quick visit to the local pub afterwards, then back home to tidy up and work on the holiday checklist. At least I'l have my MacBook available for blip uploading while I'm away. Reading the riot act on Thursday worked a treat, since I got an early-morning phone call from one of the TypeTec bosses yesterday, apologising for the 'lack of communication' and telling me that a replacement logic board was on its way and would hopefully be fitted in time for me to have my pooter back. Sure enough, I got confirmation a couple of hours afterwards, and picked up the now-well-again MacBook yesterday afternoon. All is well with the world in that respect at least.

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