Tax Architects?

What on earth is a tax architect? Whatever it is, this was outside one of the few occupied office buildings in AirSide Business Park near Swords in County Dublin. I was there leaving in the car on a recall for ABS checking. I'd asked when I booked it in if I'd have the use of a courtesy car but the guy on the phone said the job would only take about an hour and a half, that it wouldn't be worth handing out a courtesy car, and that I could hang around and wait.

I didn't much fancy sitting twiddling my thumbs for that length of time, and then I had a brainwave and realised that this was the perfect opportunity to do something about getting myself a new printer. My mate Derek mentioned recently that he'd been (surprisingly) very satisfied with the service and level of knowledge in Harvey Normans, so I went there. It wasn't easy deciding which one to get, and at one stage I was at the point of just noting down a short list and checking reviews on the web, but then I decided that I'd been too long without a functioning printer since my trusty old war horse had begun to flash all its lights at me and that I wouldn't be happy if I went home empty-handed.

I'd had a really bad experience with a HP which I'd actually had to send back to the Apple Store, so I was torn between Canon and Epson. What decided me to plump for Canon was the inclusion of print-to-disc functionality, which I'd decided was something I definitely needed in any new printer. There still wasn't any word from the garage, so I got them to hold the printer behind the counter and I went across the rad for coffee. I'd just finished and was about to browse some other shops when I got word that the car was ready. The recall check had established that my card did have the potential ABS problem, so they fixed it. Car collected, I picked up the printer and headed home.

Since print-to-disc was the main purchasing decider I wouldn't have been content without having got myself some printable CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, so I dropped off the car at home and went in to town to check out Easons, which had been recommended by Harvey Normans as a likely spot to get what I was looking for. Sure enough, Easons stocked what I was looking for and I got back home home around 4.00 all het up to unpack my new toy, set it up, and begin to play with it. That kept me occupied for a good chunk of the evening. Time for another bit of food now, and then maybe some TV or maybe even one of the DVDs Carl loaned me recently.

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