Roadblock, temporarily. Time to pause and reflect.

Work resumed on the York University subway station main site this week after a month's delay due to a fatality. A machine like this one toppled onto two small machines killing one young man and injuring two others. The Ministry of Labour is still on the accident site but have given the green light for the others sites to resume.

Today's blip is of a larger, at least wider, casement drill rig that was moving from one site to the next across the pedestrian access way as I was just heading out to the GO train station. It moved very, very slowly. Nobody minded. My thoughts (as likely were everyone's) were on matters of safety and patience and the poor fellow lost. Five minutes later we were all on our way again. Safely.

I took proper portrait-style photos of the machine but they all looked like crap. The angled one was more engaging - especially since I did not take any landscape shots because I couldn't fit the whole scene in due to the hoarding.

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