Where Next?


Job done

Late last night we came up with a plan to hire camping stuff instead of buying it, that way we'd save a significant amount of cash and not have to frantically sell everything hours before we flew to L.A. We found a company and hatched a plan.

The plan didn't work out quite as we'd hoped but after a long day of searching, buying an NZ sim card, registering at the library, borrowing cars, getting a long over due hair cut (more hair left on the floor than on my head), we eventually found a guy who rents camping stuff out the back of his house. We hired a tent, sleeping bags, camping stove, and cooking stuff for a very reasonable sum. With a quick addition of some thermorests and a couple of plastic mugs from a camping shop we are confident of a life of luxury.

This photo is Andy delighted with himself for having put up the tent, working out how to stuff it all back in a bag quick before he goes mountain biking.

We have 3 weeks of camping ahead of us. Bring on the spectacular views, the mountains, the beautiful sunsets and the sunny (please, please, please!) weather. I'm more than ready for an all-in-one-pan breakfast eaten with a spork.

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