Journey Through Time

By Sue

Jacob's Ladder/Cat's Cradle :>)

This frost covered spider web remains reminded me of the string game, Jacob's Ladder. My little girl friends and I would play that for hours, it seemed.

A pretty good frost came last night and leaves are dropping like flies. It was a foggy morning, giving way to piercing blue skies and bright sun in the middle part of the day. It is quickly changing to high overcast and we will have a showery week ahead. I wish I'd been more on the ball and talked my husband into taking me (or just going by myself, but that's no fun..) to this park on the Columbia with a nice view of Mt. Hood. When I got a glimpse of it here in the city, it was gleaming with it's new coat of snow. So, next sunny day.(hopefully before July 2012)...know where to go and what to do..

Obligatory Frosted Leaves One must follow tradition and after a heavy frost, show the leaves that look like they have been dipped in sugar.

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