Journey Through Time

By Sue

Male Northern Flicker

Earlier in the day, between monsoons, this female flicker was entertaining us when she landed on the end of these branches to sample the leftover elderberries. The wind was moving the branches and with her weight and size it was creating quite a balancing act for her. Due to the movement my photos weren't as sharp as I'd have liked but I was going to use it for my blip. Then, after a trip to the store for Thanksgiving supplies, and after the next monsoon, I spotted the male hunkering down near the suet. Because they are skitterish birds, I tiptoed to the large fir tree, keeping it's massive trunk between me and the flicker. I managed to get off a few shots before he figured out he was being stalked and moved to a higher branch.

So, have any of you watched The Big Year with Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin? I think of it now, when I'm stalking birds. It's a funny movie.

How about that, I managed to find a blip for the day. Thank you Northern Flicker!

By the way, when I said monsoon, I meant it. It just let loose twice today, so far. It was no Superstorm Sandy, but yesterday's rainstorm was pretty powerful and caused some flooding at the coast, as it does every year, but it downed power lines, broke trees and generally created havoc here and there. There were nearly 100 mph winds in a few spots at the coast.

Stay dry and well, my friends. See ya later.

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