Journey Through Time

By Sue


Not a good picture of this Ruby Crowned Kinglet, but it's just so fun when we get to see these little birds, I had to feature this one today. The little red "crown" shows up now and then when they are in the mood. The little warblers and kinglets often travel together and sure enough, there was a Townsend's Warbler keeping company with this little guy. The weather is clear and colder and there was a lot of bird activity at the feeders today. I was only able to get this as I had to run some errands and now, at nearly 4:30 in the afternoon, the sun is deep on the horizon and it's getting dark already.

Speaking of "crowns", Bill had to go to the dentist this morning and do the first appointment to get a new crown put on. It's a little tender now that the numbness is gone, but he raked leaves and since he did get some project done, he is happily napping on the couch. We will have soup for dinner and that will be easy on his teeth.

Off I go. See ya later. OH! Last years photo is one I really liked. You should have seen me slinking around the yard, hiding behind the big tree, practically holding my breath, to get this shot. Flickers are so darn skittish.

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