Journey Through Time

By Sue

Bow Bells Insanity

Our bow bells rhododendron got a bit confused when we had that string of decent weather I guess, as a few buds decided to bloom. This is the last one that is trying to burst forth, but it has a tough row to hoe as freezing night time temperatures are due in this week and it may...well....nip it in the bud, so to speak.

Of course I had to try to make this simple image more interesting in Picasa.

A very quiet, overcast and gloomy day. Bill tore into the garage and he is changing things around, taking down shelving, remodeling his train area, finding odd ball things to try to sell on Craig's List. He was clanging and banging around out there for hours. He didn't even get his nap. Totally insane, I tell you.

I worked on my genealogy business and fussed about. Nothing too exciting. Finding my lost Uncle Roy was it for this week....excitement wise anyway.

See ya later my friends.

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