Journey Through Time

By Sue

Trader Joe's

We took Auntie back home today as she decided she was strong enough to fend for herself. She will call if this proves not to be the case. And thank you for all your best wishes for her. We stopped at Trader Joe's so she could find some interesting and tasty things that would be easy for her to fix. I found some corn pudding (which was rather tasty, I might add) for us, and Bill found the rest of this stuff. Must haves like the spiced apple cider, dark chocolate covered pretzels, Trader Joe cookies, and some caramel corn jumped into the shopping cart also. Now I know why he wanted to go. ha

So the big news is that I upgraded my computer to Yosemite and then when we stopped by a Mac store to inquire about the new iPad (!), I told them of my iPhoto troubles. He had a few suggestions and a while ago I found an upgrade and miracle of miracles, I actually got my iPhoto to work. I'm totally amazed. Cross fingers this doesn't combust in the night and blow the computer to smithereens.

See ya later.

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