Journey Through Time

By Sue

Song Sparrow

It seems like I am just photographing the same things over and over and over and over again. Lots of bird activity in the back yard today so I went out with my tripod and stood with the warm sun to my back, and the cold air at my feet, and waited. I did see a new bird but couldn't get a picture of it. It was the Winter, also known as the Pacific Wren. This little brown bird hopped in and out of my sight very quickly but I knew it was something new. So, that was fun to add that to my "list". I stood out there for quite awhile, but never saw it again. However, our resident song sparrow always poses nicely for me, and on this same piece of wood that I have photographed him on before. Well, I have no idea if this is a him or her.

Lots of blue skies and freezing night time temperatures now. It's a rarity to get the blue skies in November. With so many overcast and cloudy days, it isn't as apparent how low in the sky the sun is this time of year here at this latitude. One more month and the sun will be on it's way back to us. YAY! (Oh, I know, really I do that it is the earth that rotates the sun back to us - I know, I know.)

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