By Barking

The battle of the heater

Cousteau has an ongoing battle with whoever is sitting nearest the heater. He endeavours to get between the person and the heater, even if that means shoving and tactical use of the elbows. Today I was home from work sick and Canterbury let me take the wee heater downstairs while he shivered upstairs in his study. Thanks.

Needless to say, I thought I'd won and Cousteau thought he had won. I think this photo probably says it all.

Please note that we got a dog to match our furniture. Image is everything, after all.

The builders woke us up at 7.30 am again this morning. I managed to stay in bed till 11 until the banging started my headache off again. Actually, I can forgive them the banging - I guess that's an essential part of their job - but why do they have to play their radio so bleeping loud?

Back to it tomorrow after (hopefully) a good night's sleep. Only two more days to limp to the weekend.


Mr Chips

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