Friday Foto

By drmackem

Girl Power

We have our 4 year old niece and 7 year old nephew staying this weekend, their mum and dad have taken off to the Dales for the weekend. This annual weekend with us is a developing and joyful tradition.

Today's blip is the lovely Lily and her debut on Super Mario Kart. The girls in this house play to win, and for me it was no suprise to see Lily pick up the controls for the first time and steer her virtual car and make her earnest older brother eat dirt. I have a lovely set of photo's of her during her race, but love this one at the moment of victory - she's usually a quiet demure little thing but here is a burst of pure joy.

This weekend is my annual reminder of things past, I forgot you could do 1000 things before lunch time. I love their enthusiasm and eagerness to live life to the full. Highlighs so far include revising all my previous knowledge of paleontology, visiting 3 Christmas fairs, 2 roundabouts, 2 climbing frames several swings, catapulting a monkey 50 times, their innocent indescrete stories about their parents(worth the effort of looking after them for the weekend alone), a full narrative of their Christmas play - and we've only just had lunch.

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