Arnside and beyond

By gladders

It's going to rain, dear

I was admonished by a few commentators last night for mentioning Christmas. So what did we find in Ulverston today but a couple of Santa's elves riding a reindeer through the streets. Here you can see Wifie introducing herself.

This was in the late morning before the weather went really bad. The cloud thickened, the heavens opened, and it was darkness at noon (or 1 o'clock at least). It was the Dickensian Fayre in Ulverston, and after meeting the reindeer and a walking Christmas Tree, we retreated to Tina Balmer's Open House where we were submitted to temptation. That sorted out our Xmas presents to each other.

This evening I am trying to Strictly not watch any television, while our Arnside friend Simon has come for tea.

Will catch up with comments later.

A year ago: the first use of the 70-300 mm lens. I got lucky.

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