shotlandka's weebig world

By shotlandka

Round and round

Fun was being had on George Square when I popped in on the way not home yet this evening. Will go back with a bit more kit some time the weather is good to try for some better shots without the weird flare which I think is due to a water droplet, but thought this one was fun.

I spent a truly hilarious evening learning about how our new church sound system works. No, seriously! We now have a digital mixing desk, which can do lots of sensible, useful things, and has lots of pretty coloured buttons and sliders (which very much appealed to the youngest two of our number), but can also make people sound very weird indeed. Sadly Blip has no audio and I'd left my phone at home today anyway, but wish I could play some of it back for you. Those of us new to the system are avoiding the scary thought of actually having to work it though!

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