Arnside and beyond

By gladders


Last night I said that the sky had cleared and a frost was forming. During the night it clouded again and rained, then cleared again to leave a frost and black ice on the back roads. I also said that we had had no mists for weeks, so this morning what did we have, but light mists hanging over the low-lying marshy ground. After saying that options were limited for alternative blips on the way to work, this morning I took the minor road across the Halforth Marshes, taking care not to slip on the ice. And here after all is another blip locality.

This was taken looking back along the straight road towards the hills above Dallam Park. A lone oak tree, frosty grass, an icy road and a touch of sunlight on the low hills beyond.

This morning could have provided enough blips to last me till the year end. The estuary was still as I drove along Sandside, and the water was reflecting the pink morning clouds. But that's blipping, every day is a new day, a new challenge where the outdoor photographer has to make the best of the light and weather conditions.

Later in the day the wind rose again and the rain returned. This early morning, as so often, proved to be the best part of the day.

An early blip today before we head over to Sue's for an evening of good food and hysterical laughter. I will catch up later.

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