What did I see today...?

By DaveR


TGIO = Thank God It's Over!

Saturday signified the putting to bed of NaNoWriMo 2011 for the Cambridgeshire region; we'll have a couple more meetings this year I'm sure but they're usually just an excuse to sit around and talk about Christmas. Or movies. And other things that have nothing to do with the madness of writing a 50k novel in a month!

Picture above is one of the plot bunnies of the apocalypse, I did get one of my own but he was a bit... mummified, by party poppers. Above is Diver's, it's a so-called rescue bunny because he's one of the originals made for Cambridge NaNo, years ago (before I moved here).

The idea of a plot bunny is what drives us as writers; it's the little ideas that niggle and bounce around our brains and go "write me", they're the characters who turn up and wander about until you find something for them to do. All in all they're the things that motivate me and so many others to do NaNo every year.

They also happen to be cute, fluffy and may devour your soul, but hey - these things happen.

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